9450 S

9450 SDesigned for the beverage industry, 9450 S helps secure the integrity and the traceability of beverages while optimizing your TCO.

Material type :

Caps | Jars | Containers | Cans | Bottles

Available in two ink circuit versions, our continuous inkjet 9450 S ensures the coding of beverage containers of any color. With its ultra high-speed capabilities, it will never slow down your production line performance.

Key benefits :

Our 9450 S prints up to 120,000 units per hour while reducing the risks of waste and recalls thanks to our integrated Mark&Read® system. With its IPX6 rating, our 9450 S can be cleaned with industry grade detergents. Only one multipurpose, high adhesion black ink with moisture resistant properties is needed to mark all your products, from metal cans and glass to PET bottles, pouches and liquid bricks.
Are you in the process of integrating circular recycling into your productions? Our 9450 S offers a set of unrivaled, soluble inks for returnable glass and plastic.