9450 E

9450 E Designed for extruded products while improving your productivity, 9450 E optimizes your TCO and offers a large panel of specialty inks.

Material type : 

Tube Laminates | Copper Wires | Power Cables | Electric Wires | Copper Cables

Available in two ink circuit versions, the 9450 E continuous inkjet printer codes on pipes, cables, wires and tubes thanks to revolutionary ink circuits that produce outstanding quality codes on all extruded products, regardless of their color.

Key benefits : 

Our 9450 E printer combines premium ink circuits that optimize ink consumption, achieving savings of up to 20%, with the Intelli’Jet®  feature that ensures the best quality codes on clear or dark substrates, even the most difficult ones like PE. With its robust design, the 9450 E runs in the harshest environments and can print up to 3000 kilometers of extruded products without cleaning. A multitude of ink colors means it is compatible with any material.

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