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Thermoforming machine uses ready-made trays that are sealed in much the same was as tray sealers. The top lid film of the packaging material covers the filled trays. The air is evacuated from the sealing die and protective gas is added. This can be done through a process called gas flushing. Then the pack is sealed by the application of heat and pressure.

Our Thermoformers are suitable for the following industries: Meat Processing, Food (Ready Meals), Medical, Industrial, and Consumer Goods.  

Your Benefits:

  • Total sealing solutions, with full range of ancillary equipment
  • Higher speed sealing solution;
  • Increase efficiency compared to manual labor process
  • Better hygienic control in production area
  • User-friendly operations
  • High Flexibility
  • Extended shelf life of products
  • Reduce food-related health hazards
  • Better presentation outlook of products