global-versaweigh-checkweigher Thermo-Scientific-Versa-checkweigher-line-relaunched

Brand : Thermo Scientific

Dynamic Checkweighers are commonly used in end of production lines; in order to help ensure that only products with accurate weights within specified limits get into the retail chains. Any packs that are outside acceptable adjusted range will be removed from the line automatically. These dynamic machines are designed to perform with even high-speed conveyor scale, with speed and production capacity totally adjustable. Also, in-motion checkweighers contribute to a consistently high level of output and pack quality.


 If detection of metallic contaminants is required, our checkweighers can also be equipped with a metal detector. This will enable you to combine weight inspection and metal detection in one space-saving unit.  

Your Benefits:

  • Compliancy with Regulations: HACCP, IFS, BRC, and ISO Easy to use;
  • User-friendly interface and operation system
  • Increase brand reliability and product quality
  • Increase Track & Trace and ensure 100% In-Line Control Simple line integration
  • Reliable and Robust system to ensure Best-In-Class-Safety of Products
  • Cost Reduction through ensuring the right amount of production quantity