1200 Designed to be a low-maintenance, easy-to-operate large character printer, the 1200 thermal inkjet produces high-resolution text, logos, graphics and 100% scannable barcodes.

Material type :

Metalized Labels | Tetrapak Bricks | Stick Packs | Seal Wrappers | Seal Bags | Pouches | Plastic Films | Metal Industrial Parts | Machined Metal Parts
| High Barrier Films | Formed Metals Parts | Dispatch Boxes | Decorative Labels | Customized Packages | Corrugate | Containers | Cardboard Boxes
| Caps | Aluminium Foil Lids

Key benefits :

Fully controlled from an intuitive touch screen, the precise 1 DPI control increments between 1 and 600 DPI mean 100% readable, high-quality codes even in dusty, humid or corrosive environments. The flexible printhead technology allows for print heights from 50.8mm to 203mm, using a library of code formats that requires neither an external computer nor software. However, the use of our optional CoLOS® software can help eliminate operator errors, secure network printers and allow you to centrally manage and share codes and graphics.